Dr. James Craig

Medical Director

About James Craig

Dr. James Craig is the Medical Director at Emerge Healing Center. He has held this position since we first opened our doors in July of 2022. Dr. Craig worked with us to design our treatment program and was a founding member of the Emerge team. He currently oversees all of the bio-medical aspects of our treatment programs.

He is also the founding partner of Craig Wellness and Recovery and serves as Director of Addiction Services for Highland Rivers. Dr. Craig remains engaged in the academic medical field as an associate professor of medicine at the Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Craig is also the author of two books about addiction recovery:

His passion for treating patients with the disease of addiction has expanded to projects involving education on the nature and social consequences of addiction disorders.

Dr. James Craig

Dr. James Craig's Education

Dr. James Craig graduated from Emory University with honors in biology and went on to receive his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia.
After board certification in Family Medicine, he sub-specialized in Addiction Medicine and is certified by both the American Board of Addiction Medicine and The American Board of Family Medicine.

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