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About Emerge

About Our Drug Rehab in Alpharetta

At Emerge Healing Center, we believe that trauma is often the root cause of addiction. We are aware trauma can manifest in many forms of maladaptive coping and we want to equip each client with tools to love themselves through everyone of those. Our rehab center is located just outside of Atlanta in the Alpharetta area. Our services that address both the psychological and physical needs of our clients. We believe in having a clinical program that is constantly evolving in order to help our clients reach their ultimate goal – long term recovery.

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission at Emerge Healing Center focuses on breaking through distressing limitations like trauma, providing a safe environment for healing, and learning how to enjoy a meaningful life, all in The Pursuit of Freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Our Staff

Our staff at Emerge Healing Center is experienced, empathetic, and ready to work with you to begin your healing. Reach out today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.