Meet the Team

Meet the team at Emerge Healing Center! We are a passionate group of people who aim to show others the power of recovery. Learn about our individual roles at Emerge and click our pictures to get more background info.

Our Team

The team at Emerge Healing Center is made up of clinical, medical, and recovery professionals who love the work they do. Meet the team below and click on their pictures to learn more about each individual.

Rush Jolly Headshot
Rush Jolly
Co-Founder & Admissions Coordinator
Joe Difabio Headshot
Joe Difabio
Co-Founder & Admissions Coordinator
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Program Director & Primary Therapist
Jennifer Robinson Headshot
Jennifer Holz Robinson
Clinical Director
Dr. James Craig Headshot
Dr. James Craig
Medical Director
Maria Holder Headshot
Maria Holder
Primary Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Sam Bennett Headshot
Sam Bennett
Counselor & Office Manager
Branton Box Headshot
Branton Box
Breathwork Practitioner
Gabriella Whittaker Headshot
Gabriella Whittaker
Case Manager
Colin Freeland Headshot
Colin Freeland
Primary Therapist
Alvita Lott Headshot
Alvita Lott
Primary Therapist
Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki Headshot
Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki
Yoga Instructor

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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, mental health, or co-occurring disorders, then call Emerge Healing Center today. We can help you find which treatment option is appropriate for your situation.

The Emerge Team Out In The Wild

Recovery is a very serious journey. That being said, fun is absolutely essential to a healthy and successful recovery. Here are some glimpses of the kind of fun we insist on having in recovery.

Meet the Team at Emerge

If you’d like to learn more about our other team members here at Emerge Healing Center, click their names below.