Alvita Lott

About Alvita Lott

Alvita Lott is one of the primary therapists at Emerge Healing Center. She began working with us in early 2024 and has hit the ground running, bringing her extensive experience to help our clients at Emerge find a new way of life.
Some of Alvita’s therapeutic specialties include:

When not working with clients, Alvita enjoys spending time with family and loved ones, going to parks and museums, reading, writing, travelling, painting, spending time outside in nature, and listening to music

Alvita Lott's Education

Alvita Lott has extensive training and experience in the mental health and addiction recovery field. Her education includes:

  • Guilford College: Bachelor’s in Psychology and Criminal Justice
  • National Louis University: Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Walden University: Doctoral Student in a Forensic Psychology Program (Current)

Aside from her formal schooling, Alvita has continued to pursue additional certifications and accreditations in her field. Some of these include:

  • LAPC: Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • NCC: Nationally Certified Counselor
Alvita Lott

In Alvita’s own words:

“Coming from a family with a parent struggling with addiction my whole life and seeing the impact it had on me and my siblings, really lit a fire inside of me to help others with similar experiences. So many times in my life I saw drugs and alcohol “win” to the point of my mother losing her kids to the system, suffering numerous health issues, facing legal challenges and essentially becoming a completely different person with no hope. I aspire to help individuals in “dark spaces” who feel like they are powerless or “losing” in this journey of life and feel they have nowhere to turn. I have a passion for not just helping those in recovery to maintain sobriety but also be a beacon of hope to help repair relationships and walk in the light they are destined for. I aim to empower my clients to give them a sense of hope that there is happiness in healing and that healing doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. ”

-Alvita Lott

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