forsyth chamber of commerce

A Chamber of Commerce is typically a group made of local business owners. They join together to further the interest of both the businesses and the community in which they reside. The Forsyth Chamber of Commerce is exactly that. Made up of over 1000 members, the group exists to be the voice of business that will foster a thriving economic environment and a superior quality of life in Forsyth County.

Emerge Healing Center, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is proud to be a part of this Chamber. Our co-founder Rush Jolly is a member himself. He knows that being involved in the community, along with building connections with like-minded business owners, can help further our goals of freeing more lives from addiction.

Emerge Leaders Care

Emerge Healing Center was created by co-founders Joe Difabio and Rush Jolly. Both raised in the surrounding cities of Atlanta, the two are passionate about what they provide and the community they provide it in. To further that passion, Rush is a member of the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce, representing Emerge Healing Center.

Rush was born in Birmingham, AL, and raised in Lawrenceville, GA, where he attended Central Gwinnett High School. High School was short-lived as he got involved with drugs and alcohol at a young age. As the years went by, the drugs got harder and so did the consequences, full of traumatic events and broken relationships that eventually would lead him to recovery. He has been sober for 14 years. His sobriety is a direct result of God’s grace and consistent participation in the 12 steps. He is passionate about all things recovery and mental health, continuing to grow spiritually and helping people break through their limiting beliefs to find freedom from addiction.

“Co-creating Emerge Healing Center has been one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever been a part of,” said Rush. “I was terrified of taking this risk, but I was even more afraid of staying comfortable. Much like recovery, we have to get uncomfortable if we are going to live.”

Joe Difabio, the other co-founder of Emerge Healing Center, is a person in long-term recovery. Having grown up in Alpharetta, making an impact on the local community is of high value to him. Joe has planted deep roots here with his wife and two sons. Having worked in the treatment industry since 2018, Joe was promoted to regional director in the treatment field before creating Emerge. His passion is to help people find their road to recovery, whichever path they choose, and to meet them exactly where they are in their addiction.

“We aim to create something different by offering top-notch, compassionate, clinical care and to raise the bar of quality care in Georgia,” said Joe.

Rush, along with Joe and the rest of the Emerge team, plans to spread the message of recovery throughout Georgia and beyond, with the help of opportunities provided such as the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce.

What is the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce?

Similar to other Chambers of Commerce, the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce exists as an outlet for business leaders, fostering connection and economic growth. Consisting of members that are business owners or leaders in the area, such as Rush, the group offers over 100 events each year. These events aim to include networking opportunities, education classes and seminars, community outreach, and quality-of-life information sessions.

Led by a team of Executive Officers and a Board of Directors, the Chamber’s mission is to advance positive business growth and community partnerships to promote a superior quality of life for all who live in Forsyth County. They accomplish this by leading the local business community in economic development, intentionally meeting the community’s needs, creating innovative programming and initiatives, and more.

Emerge Healing Center is excited to be part of this mission.

Emerge Healing Center and Forsyth Chamber of Commerce

So, how does Emerge Healing Center fit into this Chamber’s goals? Staying true to our roots of caring about the community, we now have a voice at the table when it comes to business ventures and more. Additionally, Emerge Healing Center is now listed in the Chamber Business Directory, offering one more way for potential clients to learn more about what we offer.

The 100+ events that the Chamber puts on each year are another benefit of our involvement. Divided into Chamber events and Community events, Rush can represent Emerge at each, inviting others to learn about the power of recovery.

What Emerge Healing Center Offers

If you’re wondering what exactly Emerge offers, we are a trauma resolution-based outpatient program for Substance Use Disorders. We believe that trauma is often the root cause of addiction. We are aware trauma can manifest in many forms of maladaptive coping and we want to equip each client with tools to love themselves through every one of those. Our rehab center is located just outside of Atlanta in the Alpharetta area. Our services address both the psychological and physical needs of our clients. We believe in having a clinical program that is constantly evolving to help our clients reach their ultimate goal – long-term recovery.

Getting Treatment

If you or a loved one are currently dealing with an addiction and would like to know more about treatment options in Atlanta, contact us today. At Emerge Healing Center, our team can help you to decide which program is right for you, as well as design a treatment program that will maximize your chances of success. Gain control of your life with the help of the right treatment center, and find out just how fulfilling an addiction-free life can be.