Trauma Informed Care

At Emerge Healing Center, we take a trauma informed approach in dual diagnosis treatment. Trauma informed care provides our clients with as many tools for achieving long-term recovery as possible. Learn more about trauma informed care.

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma informed care is an aspect of dual diagnosis treatment that many treatment centers claim to use. At Emerge Healing Center, we go further than most by practicing trauma resolution based treatment which goes much further than trauma informed care. That being said, trauma informed care is a part of our trauma resolution treatment, so let us explore what trauma informed care actually is.

Trauma, Addiction, and Mental Health

Trauma and addiction go hand-in-hand, so trauma and addiction recovery must go hand-in-hand as well. Our stance on addiction and mental health treatment assumes an understanding of the prevalence and pervasive impact of trauma.

We seek to help our clients recognize, understand, and address the effects of trauma to improve their treatment outcomes, enhance treatment effectiveness, and avoid re-traumatization. Trauma-informed care is based on the recognition that trauma is widespread among people struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues., and its impact can profoundly affect someone’s health, behavior, and relationships.

The Trauma Informed Care Apprach

Trauma-informed care at Emerge Healing Center is guided by several key principles of trauma informed care that differentiate it from traditional care models:

  1. Safety: Ensuring the physical and emotional safety of both our clients and staff. This involves creating a safe environment where people feel secure and their confidentiality is respected.
  2. Trustworthiness and Transparency: Operating in a transparent manner to build and maintain trust among our clients and their families. This includes clear communication and expectations.
  3. Peer Support: Integrating and prioritizing peer support and mutual self-help groups to establish safety and hope, build trust, and encourage honesty.
  4. Collaboration and Mutuality: Minimizing power differences between our staff and our clients while also emphasizing teamwork and mutual decision-making.
  5. Empowerment, Voice, and Choice: Empowering our clients by skill-building through affirming individual strengths. This principle ensures that each care plan is individualized and collaborative, and our clients are encouraged to share in the decision-making process.
  6. Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues: The approach actively moves past cultural stereotypes and biases, offers gender-responsive services, leverages the healing value of traditional cultural connections, and recognizes and addresses historical trauma.

How We Apply Trauma Informed Care

Implementing trauma-informed care at Emerge Healing Center has involved a systemic change in the organizational culture, practices, and policies that most other treatment centers follow. It has required training for our staff at all levels to understand the effects of trauma, recognize symptoms of trauma, and respond by integrating knowledge about trauma into all the levels of care of our treatment programs in Alpharetta GA.

Our implementation of trauma informed care includes:

  • Educating our staff on the types, prevalence, and impact of trauma.
  • Screen patients for trauma exposure and related symptoms to understand behavior and customize treatment plans.
  • Adjust activities that might inadvertently re-traumatize or trigger traumatic memories in our clients.
  • Foster a supportive environment that respects survivors’ need for safety, respect, and acceptance.
  • Address secondary traumatic stress among employees, providing them with the necessary support to maintain their well-being and effectiveness.
How We Apply Trauma Informed Care

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The Benefits of Trauma Informed Care

Adopting a trauma-informed approach in our care settings at Emerge Healing Center has led to numerous benefits. Just a few of the benefits of trauma informed care include:

  • Improved Client engagement and Safety: Understanding trauma’s role in behavior and health can lead to more effective engagement with treatment programs and safer interventions.
  • Reduced Re-Traumatization: The last thing we want to do at Emerge is re-traumatize a client through clumsy or ignorant trauma treatment options. By recognizing the trauma symptoms and avoiding triggers, we can reduce the incidence of re-traumatization.
  • Better Outcomes for Clients: Trauma-informed care leads to better physical and mental health outcomes for our clients by addressing the root causes of mental health issues rather than just treating symptoms.
  • Increased Treatment Satisfaction: As relationships and interactions become more respectful and empowering, our clients feel more satisfied with the level of care they have received at Emerge Healing Center.
  • Efficient Use of Resources: By preventing crises and reducing the need for higher levels of care, trauma-informed approaches can be cost-effective in the long run.

Finding Effective Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care represents a profound shift in approach to behavioral healthcare including mental health treatment, alcoholism treatment, drug addiction treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. With an emphasis on physical, psychological, and emotional safety we create opportunities for our clients to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment in their own recovery.

Finding Trauma Informed Care Near Me

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, addiction issues, or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse then Emerge Healing Center is here to help. In addition to a trauma informed care approach to treatment, we also have a specialized trauma therapy program for people with a significant amount of trauma.

Our trauma informed treatment center is able to provide the compassionate and thorough care that can help you build a strong foundation in recovery. To learn more about which trauma informed treatment option is right for you, you can call us today or read through some of our treatment programs below.

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