Family Program

Our family program at Emerge Healing Center helps reunite families with a common goal: their loved ones recovery. This can be a powerful adjunct to therapeutic treatment and can be very effective. Learn more about our family program.

Family Treatment Program

Our family program is a core component of our dual diagnosis treatment program at Emerge Healing Center. Families play an integral role when it comes to healing addiction. The first place to start is to make sure each member understands what addiction really is. Do they view it as a moral failing? Have they been taught the science behind addiction? Are they aware that healing is possible through treatment?

Why is Family Involvement Crucial in Addiction Recovery?

Family involvement plays a crucial role in the recovery process because addiction affects not just the individual, but the entire family system. When family members understand addiction as a disease rather than a moral failing, they can provide invaluable support and encouragement to their loved ones throughout the treatment and recovery process. Additionally, family members who participate in therapy and education programs often develop better-coping strategies and communication skills, leading to improved family dynamics and healthier relationships.

Benefits of the Family Program at Emerge Healing Center

There are numerous benefits to participating in our Family Program, including:

  1. Enhanced Understanding: The educational component of the program helps family members better understand addiction as a disease, and how it impacts both the individual and the family unit. This increased understanding can lead to more empathy and support for the loved one in treatment.
  2. Improved Communication: Therapy techniques used in the program promote healthier communication patterns within the family, leading to stronger relationships and a more supportive environment for recovery.
  3. Personal Growth: As family members work through their own emotions and experiences related to their loved one’s addiction, they can experience personal growth and healing, making them better equipped to support their loved ones in recovery.
  4. Support Network: Participating in the Family Program connects families with others in similar situations, fostering a sense of community and creating a valuable support network.
  5. Strengthened Family Bonds: By working together to heal from addiction, families can strengthen their bonds and develop new, healthier ways of interacting and supporting one another.

At Emerge Healing Center in Alpharetta, GA, our goal is to help answer these questions with family members of clients. We do this through our Family Program and incorporate education, compassion, and therapy techniques.

Who Leads the Family Program at Emerge Healing Center?

Jessica Johnson, a licensed marriage and family counselor leads our Family Program. She is a passionate therapist specializing in recovery from trauma and addiction. Jessica has served as a director in both the outpatient and inpatient settings and has worked with couples extensively.

As a professor of addictionology, Jessica focused her research on the most effective interventions in long-term recovery and implemented those in her work with clients. She uses Motivational Interviewing, Rapid Resolution, and a Family Systems Approach in her sessions. Jessica loves living in recovery, volleyball, family and friends, and all things outdoors. She considers every person in recovery as part of her extended family and looks forward to helping others live their best!

How to Participate in the Family Program

Emerge Healing Center’s Family Program is held every Wednesday night for one hour. In these sessions, Jessica will help educate about what addiction is and use therapeutic techniques to help with healing.

Education topics and therapeutic techniques used may include:

The goal of each group is to assist in healing the family system and better the lives of the loved one in treatment and their family.

For more details on location and time, contact a team member of Emerge Healing Center at 770-573-0055.

Getting Treatment

Emerge Healing Center is here to help with compassionate care through our family programs in Georgia. Our caring and experienced staff are here to answer any questions you may have about the treatment process, as well as help you to decide on the right treatment path for your individual needs. Contact us today to learn more, and let us help arm you with all of the tools you need to be successful in recovery.

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