Opioid Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, we are here to help. Emerge Healing Center provides a range of opioid addiction treatment programs in Atlanta, GA. Start your journey to a new freedom today!

Opioid addiction is a powerful obstacle to living a happy life. Fighting opioid addiction alone is often an impossible task. At Emerge, we provide the most comprehensive opioid addiction treatment possible. If you or a loved one wants help overcoming opioid use disorder, Emerge can help. Our Alpharetta opioid addiction treatment program can help you find a new way to live.

What Are Opioids?

Opioid addiction has become prevalent all across America over the past decade. Emerge Healing Center provides opioid addiction treatment in Alpharetta so that anyone struggling with opioid addiction can get help. This is a very difficult class of drugs to recover from, but recovery is possible.

Opioids are a class of synthetic prescription drugs that are very powerful painkillers. Even though they are prescribed frequently in the US, opioids also carry a high potential for dependence and addiction. This is because they can create a powerful sense of euphoria or high by influencing the brain regions that mediate pleasure.

Consistent use of opioids will lead to opioid addiction. Oftentimes, once opioid addiction has developed, people will continue to use the drug simply to prevent opioid withdrawal symptoms. Breaking the dangerous and painful cycle often requires opioid addiction treatment.

Opioid Addiction

A few of the more common opioids include oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, and many others available legally by prescription.  There are also more potent opioids such as fentanyl and its analogs. Doctors only prescribe these types of opioid painkillers in extremely serious cases.

With repeated use, tolerance to their effects can develop. This leads people to use higher doses to achieve the same therapeutic or euphoric effect. This can subsequently increase the risk of overdose.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 79,770 opioid overdose deaths in America in 2022. This highlights the danger of this potent class of drugs as there is a constant risk of overdose and death during opioid addiction.

Opioid Painkillers

Opioid vs Opiate

A common question we hear is “What is the difference between an opioid and an opiate?” This is a reasonable question, as many people will use the terms interchangeably. While opioids are very similar to opiates in many ways, there are important distinctions.

Papaver Somniferum, the opium poppy

In short, an opioid is a synthetic drug that is derived from the opium poppy, papaver somniferum. Opioids must undergo processing and refinement to end up in their final semi-synthetic or fully synthetic form.

Opiates, on the other hand, may be extracted from the opium poppy almost as a finished product. They only need to undergo minimal refinement to end up in their final form.

Examples of some of the most common synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids include:

If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, Emerge is ready to provide world-class opioid addiction treatment in Alpharetta. Our behavioral health program can address addiction and its underlying causes, helping people find their true selves.

At Emerge, we provide evidence-based treatments, holistic therapies, and medication-assisted treatment options for opioid addiction treatment in Alpharetta. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, we are here to provide comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction.

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What Type of Opioid Addiction Treatment does Emerge Provide?

Many different opioids may lead to opioid addiction. At Emerge Healing Center, we have found through experience that what is effective at treating opioid addiction to one drug is often effective at treating addiction to other opioids.

At our Alpharetta opioid addiction treatment program, we provide a range of evidence-based treatment options so that our clients receive world-class treatment for opioid use disorder.

Some of the different opioid use disorder treatments that we provide include:

If you are having trouble stopping, Emerge can help. Our opioid addiction treatment program has seen many people recover from opioid addiction. If you would like to learn what life after opioids looks like, call us today.

Opioid Painkillers

How Addictive Are Opioids?

Opioids are highly addictive substances that have the potential to cause dependence and addiction even when used as prescribed. Their addictiveness is rooted in their powerful effect on the brain and the body’s natural physiology. Prolonged use can lead to opioid use disorder.

How Opioids Work in the Brain and Body

Opioids bind to specific proteins called opioid receptors, specifically delta, kappa, and mu-opioid receptors). These receptors are found on nerve cells in the brain, spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract, and other organs. When these drugs attach to their receptors, they inhibit the transmission of pain signals.

Additionally, opioids activate the reward areas of the brain by releasing large amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction. This release can induce a feeling of euphoria, providing a powerful incentive to continue using the substance, thus setting the stage for potential misuse and addiction, also known as opioid use disorder.

How Long Does It Take to Become Addicted to Opioids?

The time it takes for someone to become addicted to opioids can vary. Some people may develop signs of opioid addiction very quickly, even within a few days of consistent use, while for others, it may take weeks or months. Various factors contribute to this variance, including genetic predisposition, personal health history, the length of time the drug is used, the dosage, and the method of administration (e.g., swallowing, snorting, or injecting opioids).

Once opioid addiction has developed, it is usually necessary to find effective treatment for opioid use disorder to recover.

Opioid Pain Pill Addiction

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person who has been using opioids regularly stops taking them, they may experience opioid withdrawal symptoms. This is the body’s physical response to the absence of the drug. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can begin as early as a few hours after the drug was last taken and may include:

  • Physical Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, diarrhea, fever, and sweating.
  • Psychological Symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, agitation, and insomnia.
  • Severe Cravings: Intense cravings for the drug are common and can be the most challenging aspect of withdrawal, contributing to the difficulty of overcoming opioid addiction.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms are a very uncomfortable or even painful experience. There are opioid withdrawal medications available to lessen the discomfort of opioid withdrawal. More than medication, opioid addiction treatment is usually necessary to prevent a relapse into using opioids.

What Causes Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms?

These symptoms are a result of the brain trying to readjust to the absence of the opioid, which can be very uncomfortable and distressing. The severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary based on the level of dependency and the type of opioid used. For example, longer-acting opioids may produce more prolonged but less intense withdrawal symptoms. The intensity of withdrawal can be so overwhelming that someone may continue using opioids to avoid the discomfort, perpetuating the cycle of addiction.

This is why medically supervised opioid detox is often recommended, where withdrawal can be managed with the help of medications that can ease symptoms and cravings. After detox, it is essential to follow up with further opioid withdrawal treatment. Detox alone with continuing opioid treatment and aftercare will frequently lead to eventual relapse in opioid use.

Is Opioid Addiction Treatment Effective?

Multiple studies have shown that someone’s best hope for recovery from opioid addiction lies in a comprehensive treatment plan. This includes detox, addiction treatment, and aftercare supported by regular attendance at recovery meetings. The more tools someone has to help and support their recovery, the better their chances become.

At Emerge, we treat opioid addiction like any medical condition; it requires consistent treatment. To quote a paper from the medical journal “Science & Practice Perspectives”:

“Opioid dependence and addiction are most appropriately understood as chronic medical disorders, like hypertension, schizophrenia, and diabetes. Long-term treatment can limit the disease’s adverse effects and improve the patient’s day-to-day functioning.”

-The Neurobiology of Opioid Dependence: Implications for Treatment

Finding Opioid Addiction Treatment in Alpharetta, Georgia

If you or someone you know is struggling with an opioid use disorder, Emerge Healing Center is here for you. We provide a combination of opioid treatment options using evidence based therapies and holistic treatment practices that are designed to support our clients in every way possible.

Emerge provides individual and group therapy at our Alpharetta opioid treatment program. We also have frequent support groups that aid the recovery process. Nobody likes to feel alone, and meeting other people who are on the same journey of recovery from opioid addiction can be a powerful experience.

Finding opioid addiction treatment in Alpharetta can be a scary proposition, but there is a better life waiting for you. If you dare to take the first steps, we’ll walk with you the rest of the way. Give us a call today.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, then we are here for you. Please give us a call today so you can begin the journey of a lifetime at our opioid rehab in Alpharetta.

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