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If you or someone you know is struggling with marijuana use disorder, marijuana abuse, or marijuana addiction then call Emerge Healing Center today. Our marijuana rehab in Alpharetta is here to help you change your life and break free from marijuana addiction.

Marijuana Rehab in Alpharetta, Georgia

Emerge Healing Center provides a state-of-the-art marijuana addiction treatment center in Alpharetta, Georgia. If you or a loved one is struggling with marijuana abuse or marijuana use disorder, we can help.

At Emerge, we understand the importance of comprehensive and well-rounded behavioral healthcare during marijuana addiction treatment. Our marijuana rehab center in Alpharetta, GA is staffed by a compassionate team of addiction treatment specialists with the latest and most effective therapies for treating marijuana addiction.

Learn how trauma-resolution-based treatment programs at Emerge Healing Center can help you achieve long-term recovery from marijuana addiction.

What Is Marijuana Addiction?

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is indeed addictive. There is a wealth of scientific literature on the development of both marijuana dependence and marijuana addiction. There is also ongoing research to find more effective therapies and treatments for marijuana addiction.

Marijuana addiction, also known as cannabis use disorder, is a condition characterized by the compulsive use of marijuana despite significant negative impacts on one’s life. Although marijuana is often perceived as less harmful than other substances, it can still lead to dependency and marijuana addiction.

Marijuana interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain affecting memory, focus, and coordination, which contributes to its addictive potential. The risk of developing a marijuana addiction is higher among those who start using marijuana at a young age and those with a family history of substance abuse.

Key signs of marijuana addiction include:

  • Cravings for marijuana and using it in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended.
  • Difficulty cutting down or controlling marijuana use.
  • Spending a significant amount of time obtaining, using, or recovering from marijuana use.
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home due to marijuana use.
  • Continuing to use marijuana despite social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by its use.
  • Sudden change of friend groups or behavior patterns.
Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

How Common Is Marijuana Addiction?

According to the SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2022, 22% of people in the United States aged 12 or older reported using marijuana in the past year. This is a staggering 61.9 million people. The age group most affected was young adults aged 18 to 25, of whom 38.2% (13.3 million people) reported using marijuana in the past year.

While reports vary on the rate of marijuana addiction among the general population, it is clear that marijuana use has become more frequent among more people over the past two decades. As of 2024, different studies report that between 8-10% of Americans use marijuana on a daily basis. This is nearly 30 million people.

Who Needs A Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center?

Someone likely to need treatment for marijuana addiction in Alpharetta includes anyone who has developed a marijuana dependency. A dependency on marijuana means that they experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug.

Who Needs A Marijuana Rehab Facility?

The people who may benefit most from the assistance of a marijuana addiction treatment center in Alpharetta include:

  • Frequent Marijuana Users: Anyone who uses marijuana daily or multiple times a day.
  • Someone Experiencing Negative Consequences: Those facing adverse effects in their personal, professional, or academic lives due to marijuana use. This often includes the legal consequences of marijuana abuse.
  • Failed Attempts to Quit Using Marijuana: Someone who has tried to quit using marijuana on their own multiple times without success.
  • Physical or Psychological Dependence on Marijuana: Anyone experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and cravings when not using marijuana.
  • Co-occurring Disorders: Someone with co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or other substance use disorders.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction, then call Emerge Healing Center today. We can help you find which marijuana rehab facility is appropriate for your situation.

How A Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center in Alpharetta Can Help

At Emerge Healing Center, our marijuana rehab program provides our clients with a safe space to begin their recovery journey. Just a few of the ways we help people begin their journey of recovery from marijuana addiction include:

Personalized Treatment Plans

At Emerge Healing Center, marijuana addiction treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand each client’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.

Based on the assessment, a personalized treatment plan is developed to address specific issues related to marijuana addiction.

Professional Support and Supervision

All of our clients at Emerge receive care from a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, therapists, and counselors, ensuring comprehensive support.

Treatment plans at our marijuana rehab center are regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure they remain effective and responsive to each client’s progress.

Structured Environment

A structured therapeutic environment provides stability and reduces exposure to triggers that may lead to relapse.

Our marijuana rehab facility in Alpharetta provides a safe and supportive space where you can focus solely on your recovery without external pressures.

How A Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center in Alpharetta Can Help

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Throughout our marijuana addiction treatment program, clients learn coping strategies to manage stress, cravings, and other triggers. Once someone is comfortably working through our marijuana rehab program, we begin aftercare planning. Aftercare plans ensure ongoing support through follow-up sessions, support groups, and other resources.

Relapse prevention is also present all throughout our marijuana rehab program. We provide all of our clients with strategies to prevent relapse and maintain long-term sobriety from marijuana.

Levels of Care At Our Marijuana Rehab Program in Alpharetta

Emerge Healing Center’s marijuana rehab facility in Alpharetta, Georgia provides three distinct levels of care. These different types of treatment programs make recovery available to anyone, regardless of your other responsibilities or schedule.

Outpatient Program (OP)

See if our marijuana rehab outpatient program in Alpharetta is right for you. This program provides a high level of flexibility without sacrificing comprehensive care.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Learn about our marijuana rehab intensive outpatient program in Alpharetta GA. This is a step up from the outpatient program, providing more comprehensive care.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Learn about our marijuana rehab partial hospitalization program in Alpharetta GA. This is our most comprehensive treatment program level of care.

If you’d like to learn more about these different treatment programs, call us anytime at 770-573-0055. We’ll be happy to walk you through the specifics of all of our marijuana addiction treatment programs in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Effective Therapies At Our Marijuana Rehab in Alpharetta, GA

Emerge’s marijuana rehab in Alpharetta utilizes several evidence-based therapies to help our clients overcome their dependence on marijuana. We rely on tried-and-true therapeutic approaches such as CBT and DBT, but we also utilize newer, effective treatment options.

Some of the main therapies we employ at our marijuana rehab center in Alpharetta include:

Rehab for Marijuana in Alpharetta, GA

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a widely used therapeutic approach that focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors associated with marijuana abuse.

We help our clients learn to replace maladaptive behaviors with healthier alternatives, helping to reduce marijuana use and prevent relapse.

Studies have shown that CBT is effective in reducing marijuana use and preventing relapse. It is often considered a first-line treatment for cannabis use disorder due to its strong evidence base.

2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder but has been adapted to treat substance use disorders, including marijuana addiction.

DBT teaches skills for managing intense emotions that may trigger marijuana use. Our clients learn techniques to tolerate distress without using marijuana. DBT can also improve relationships and communication, reducing the social triggers for marijuana abuse.

3. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a newer therapeutic approach that combines elements of several evidence-based therapies to quickly resolve distressing memories and psychological stress.

ART often provides faster relief from symptoms compared to traditional therapies, sometimes in just a few sessions. Clients are guided to replace distressing images and memories with more positive or neutral ones, reducing their emotional impact. This behavioral health treatment can help people change the way traumatic memories are stored in the brain, which can reduce symptoms of addiction and associated mental health issues.

While this is a fairly new treatment (it was developed in 2008), ART has shown promise in treating various conditions, including PTSD and trauma, which often co-occur with marijuana use disorder.

4. Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is designed to quickly and effectively address the emotional and psychological roots of traumatic experiences by altering how the mind processes information.

RRT can produce significant improvements in a short period, often within one or two sessions. This behavioral health therapy uses conversational techniques, guided imagery, and other methods to change emotional responses to memories or situations.

This therapy has proven effective in treating a wide range of issues, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems associated with marijuana use. RRT is also noted for its ability to provide immediate relief and long-lasting results by resolving underlying emotional conflicts that contribute to substance use disorders.

Marijuana Rehab Center

5. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a structured therapy designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. EMDR uses eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation to help reprocess traumatic events. This can help reduce the intensity of traumatic memories and help patients reframe negative beliefs.

EMDR is particularly effective for treating PTSD and trauma-related disorders, which are often underlying factors in substance use disorders such as marijuana use disorder. Research supports its use for reducing symptoms and improving overall psychological health.

Finding The Best Marijuana Rehab in Alpharetta, Georgia

Emerge Healing Center’s marijuana addiction treatment facility in Alpharetta, Georgia leverages some of the most effective evidence-based therapies to help you overcome dependence on marijuana. Our trauma-resolution-based treatment approach addresses the underlying psychological issues that lead to marijuana addiction.

Finding The Best Marijuana Rehab in Alpharetta, Georgia

By providing our clients with the skills to recover from their addiction, these therapies play a crucial role in helping people achieve lasting recovery from marijuana addiction.

If you or a loved one need help overcoming marijuana addiction, call us today. We’re here and we’re ready to help you change your life today.

Need Help?

If you or a loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction, then call Emerge Healing Center today. We can help you find the best marijuana rehab in Alpharetta, GA for your particular situation.

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