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The Retreat of Atlanta is a recently opened inpatient detox facility located in Alpharetta, Georgia. With the vision of offering detox like no other, they assist clients in detoxing, one of the first steps of recovery, through a peaceful atmosphere free of outside influences and triggers. Through this, they hope to prepare clients for continued care.

While offering detox, the Retreat of Atlanta is also thinking about the next best step for each client, with lasting recovery always in mind. They want to place each individual in the best facility possible, giving them the highest chance of experiencing a life of joyful sobriety. 

To that end, they partner with other treatment centers that may be a fit for their clients after they have completed detoxing. Emerge Healing Center is honored to be one of the centers they refer to. 

Importance of Detox

Although sometimes overlooked, detox can be vital in the success of substance addiction recovery. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their chances of experiencing negative withdrawal symptoms are high. Bodies become dependent on the drug of choice. Without the drug in their system, they experience harmful physical side effects, including death in extreme cases.

At this point, detox comes into play. A professional drug detox center, such as the Retreat of Atlanta, helps individuals safely come off whatever drug is in their bodies. The detox center’s goal is to get rid of any drug in the individual’s body and get them to a healthy enough point where they can hopefully enter a substance abuse treatment program, such as Emerge Healing Center. 

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a Substance Abuse Disorder, detox may most likely be necessary before entering a treatment program. Managing withdrawal symptoms on your own is dangerous and not recommended. A telling sign that detox may be the right course is if severe withdrawal symptoms occur when attempting to stop using.

Learn more about detox, including its importance and what it entails, here. 

The Retreat of Atlanta Services

Each individual is unique and that’s why the Retreat of Atlanta offers services as unique as theirs, covering a wide range of addictions. They offer detox for men, for women, alcohol, Fentanyl, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, opiates, Prescription Drugs, Xanax, and additional drugs. With an influential reach across Georgia, they offer services in the areas of Alpharetta, where Emerge Healing Center is located, Savannah, Athens, Columbus, and Augusta. 

The Retreat is led by a group of addiction and mental health board-certified physicians, nurses, addiction therapists, and psychiatrists. Together through experience and evidence-based treatment they have helped hundreds of individuals experience successful detox from substance abuse. 

Along with drug abuse care, the team at the Retreat of Atlanta is familiar with co-occurring mental health conditions. This can be life-changing when going through a detox, as it allows the team to meet the client’s mental health needs as well as their physical ones. Similar to Emerge, who knows trauma is often a root cause of addiction, the Retreat of Atlanta wants to help each thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Perhaps most importantly, the team knows that each individual’s recovery will last long after detox. To help with this, each client is not discharged without a customized aftercare plan, usually with a referral to higher levels of behavioral therapy services at Georgia Rehabilitation Centers. 

To learn more about the Retreat of Atlanta, and if it may be a fit for you or a loved one, head to their blog. Be sure to also check out which insurance plans they cover. Additionally, the Retreat of Atlanta is available 24 hours a day to help you detox from drugs and alcohol. They can be reached at 762-220-6496.

Working with Emerge Healing Center

It’s important to remember that detox is not the equivalent of treatment for Substance Abuse. That’s why the team at Emerge Healing Center is excited about this new resource in the Alpharetta area. The Retreat of Atlanta provides a range of services that many incoming clients initially need before being able to receive further treatment. 

Working with the Retreat will enable Emerge to refer individuals to a highly-qualified and trained service that they know will prepare them for what we can then offer. On the flip side, the team at the Retreat of Atlanta can refer incoming detox clients to us if they feel they are clinically appropriate for our program.

If interested in Emerge Healing Center, we treat Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, Trauma, and PTSD. We do that through a wide range of services including our outpatient program, various therapies, and 12-step education. After detox, we would work with you to place you in the most appropriate treatment program. 

We know that it takes many businesses and people coming together with one goal, to help addicted people find recovery, to achieve success. We’re excited to be working alongside the Retreat of Atlanta to make that a reality. 

Getting Treatment

If you or a loved one are currently dealing with an addiction and would like to know more about treatment options in Atlanta, contact us today. At Emerge Healing Center, our team can help you to decide which program is right for you, as well as design a treatment program that will maximize your chances of success. Gain control of your life with the help of the right treatment center, and find out just how fulfilling an addiction-free life can be.


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