Mindfulness in Holistic Drug Treatment

Mindfulness is defined as, “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” A more descriptive definition clarifies that it is a mental state that can be achieved by an individual actively focusing on the present moment along with acknowledging and accepting their feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

With drug addiction treatment, practicing mindfulness can be a huge help. When an addict in recovery does activities to help cultivate mindfulness and uses these every day, their state of mind begins to change and can help them onto a path of lasting recovery.

Mindfulness is a State of Mind

Over the past few years, you’ve most likely heard the term mindfulness in conjunction with words like self-care, meditation, serenity, energy, and so on. While these can all be related, being mindful is actually a state of mind, not an action. Practicing mindfulness would be the action of staying in that specific state of mind.

Holistic drug treatment and mindfulness go hand in hand. Holistic treatment means approaching recovery from all different aspects – medically, emotionally, therapeutically, and more. Using techniques in treatment that help with mindfulness, getting to a state of mind where you are aware of your present self and how you’re feeling, is used often with holistic drug treatment.

Practicing Mindfulness in Drug Treatment 

There are endless ways to practice mindfulness. Here at our drug treatment center in Atlanta, our holistic approach includes mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga, therapeutic fitness, art/music therapy, and psychodrama. However, to practice mindfulness specifically, there are specific activities to try.

Ways to practice mindfulness can include:

  • Slowing down and paying attention to your exact environment, including noticing things such as touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight.
  • Intentionally find joy in small, everyday things.
  • Actively try to be present and live in the moment.
  • Practice speaking and treating yourself the way you would to someone you love.
  • Breath-work.
  • Meditation.

Doing any of these above exercises while in drug treatment can help with symptoms including depression, anxiety, hypertension, stress, insomnia, and more.

Getting Help for Your Loved One

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug addiction, and are interested in a holistic treatment program, Emerge Healing Center would love to help you experience what recovery can look like. Contact our skilled addiction and mental health professionals at Emerge Healing Center to learn more about our treatment and program options.

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