Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki

Yoga Instructor

About Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki

Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki has been with Emerge Healing Center since we opened in 2022. She grew up in Alpharetta and attended Alpharetta Elementary School. She then went to Duluth High School before starting her career in yoga.
Growing up, Kelsey spent her summers going to the Cumming Fair and fishing in Lake Lanier in Cumming, GA. In her spare time, Kelsey Jean enjoys walking dogs and volunteering at a women’s and children’s shelter in North Fulton.

Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki’s Role At Emerge

Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki is one of our yoga instructors at Emerge Healing Center. She has been a core member of the Emerge team since we first opened. Kelsey’s yoga certifications are as follows:

  • 200hr YTT (Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Yoga for 12-step Recovery
  • Trauma-informed yoga
As for her general approach to yoga, Kelsey teaches a reintroduction to the body through gentle movements, breath, and intention. With yoga being a core component of our dual diagnosis treatment program in Alpharetta, Kelsey is a critical member of the Emerge Healing Center team.
Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki

In Kelsey’s own words:

“I lost my mom to addiction and I have spent the entirety of my life studying the why’s behind addiction. Upon my own healing journey I discovered the power behind being in touch with my body, and I felt compelled to bring that to a population who has spent years disconnected.”

-Kelsey Jean Tulowitzki

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