Gabriella Whittaker

Case Manager

About Gabriella Whittaker

Gabriella Whittaker has been with Emerge only a short time, but is immersed, involved, and familiar with the recovery community and process. Having been sober since early 2021, Gabriella has gone through the process herself of not only becoming and remaining sober, but also doing extensive work in a therapy setting.

Aside from working in recovery, Gabriella is also a mother to three children and takes great pride in her role at home. When Gabriella is not helping others, she can usually be found in her vegetable garden with her kids or baking sourdough. She enjoys historical fiction and documentaries.

Gabriella Whittaker's Role at Emerge

At Emerge Healing Center, Gabriella Whittaker is one of our case managers. She keeps track of each client’s journey while they are with us here, as well as after they complete our recovery program. Whether it’s drug addiction, mental health disorders, or co-occurring disorders, Gabriella is there to help and guide.

Gabriella Whittaker

In Gabriella’s own words:

“I chose to work in recovery because of the people and experiences that led me through my own recovery process. I hope to be that light and comfort to others, and give back what I was so freely given .”

-Gabriella Whittaker

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