Branton Box

Breathwork & Self-Inquiry Facilitator

About Branton Box

Originally from South Texas, Branton moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. After working on over 50 TV shows and becoming a personal trainer to Oscar winners, professional athletes, and the world’s top models, Branton stumbled into a Breathwork class which changed the trajectory of his life. Now after having practiced Breathwork since 2013, introducing Breathwork and Self-Inquiry to others has become Branton’s driving purpose in life.

Branton has been with Emerge since we opened in 2022. He has also been in recovery himself since 2006. Today, he leverages his own experiences wit addiction, mental health, and trauma to help others seeking freedom.

Branton Box's Education

Braton Box attended The University of Texas and achieved a Bachelors Degree. Today, Braton is our leading Breathwork Practitioner and Self-Inquiry Facilitator. He brings his decade + of experience in this field to Emerge, for the benefit of all of our clients.

Branton Box

Additional Information About Branton Box

Branton Box is an enormous fan of Waylon Jennings. Being from Texas, he also enjoys hunting, hiking, and exercise as well as reading. He provides free breathwork seminars and breathwork coaching through his website Breathe With Branton.

In Branton’s own words:

“I got into breathwork as a recovery treatment aid as a way to help give back what was given to me.”

-Branton Box

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